Universal Truth Peace Dance

Day 71 • May 11, 2012 • Comb Wash to Blanding, UT •  16 miles

After our roadside rescue last night we decided to drive on to the Comb Wash area where the peace dance was happening.  We got there at dusk and set up our tent in the dark to the hypnotic sounds of the evening’s dance in the background.  The next morning Lisa and Zoe joined the dance themselves.  It was a serene affair with the entire group singing/chanting and dancing with instrumental accompaniment to native American and other spiritual songs.  Very peaceful.  We appreciated the warm invitation to join in the dance.

After the dance we drove to Blanding and set up camp at an RV park before returning to do some sight seeing at Natural Bridges and Butler Wash.  Meanwhile a big thunderstorm threatened to blow away our tent back in Blanding.  Thankfully some campers were there to keep things in place.




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