The Cut

Day 72-74 • May 12-14, 2012 • Blanding, UT to Gunnison, CO •  274 miles

After our night in Blanding we decided to roll back the clock a little more.  We’ve always liked Gunnison so we spent most of the first day driving there, finishing out the Adventure Cycling Western Express route and starting the Great Parks route by car.  We crossed the Utah-Colorado border and conquered Lizard Head Pass, our second highest of the trip.  This was a beautiful drive that would have been spectacular by trike but it was more fun spending this time with Lisa.

Before we set out for Gunnison, we had one more task to complete at the RV park in Blanding:  the cut.  Lisa’s sister Kellie had temporarily lost her hair due to the chemo and radiation treatments for breast cancer and Lisa wanted to show her support.  Though we couldn’t convince her to shave it all off—her hair dresser was concerned about damaging her hair follicles—the result was much shorter than anything I’d seen since I met Lisa.  And it looked good!  Zoe was at the helm for this one, operating the shears with great precision, avoiding any blood or missing body parts. 

In Gunnison we stayed at a very nice KOA complete with a roaming band of sheep and goats.  They also had Norman, a sweet and very personable bull.  I’ve been near some bulls in the past and this is the first I’d describe so kindly.  We experienced the coldest nights of the trip so far and likely the entire trip with temperatures dipping below freezing.

We spent most of our time kicking around Gunnison.  We saw The Avengers at the Western State College theatre, unfortunately in 3D, and were surprised how much we enjoyed it.  For Mother’s Day we took Lisa to the Ol’ Miner’s Restaurant downtown which had good food, nice atmosphere, and decent prices.  I sampled some tasty brews at the local microbrewery.  We spent some time at the park where they have a collection of fanciful wood carvings that are fun to explore.  Wandering around town we encountered Carpy in the irrigation ditch.  He was huge and barely fit in the narrow ditch.  He appeared completely motionless and we thought he was dead until he darted up the canal with a big splash that scared us half to death.  After trying in vain to get some useful information from the forest service about camping and snow conditions on Monarch Pass, we did our own reconnaissance by car.

Cap’n Rob showed up for our last night in Gunnison, back from LA and ready for more adventures.  He didn’t have his bike this time but would support us through some of our travels in Colorado.  It was good for Lisa to finally meet the man responsible for Zoe’s hair raising adventures back in San Pedro.







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