Day 55 • April 25, 2012 • Jacob Lake, AZ to Kanab, UT •  37 miles

We had perfect conditions for the ride into our third state, Utah—overcast, cool, and a light tail wind.  We also lost more than the elevation we gained yesterday in some long six percent grades. Part of the descent was through a sea of sage with light rain activating the invigorating smell of sage with hint of asphalt.  It reminded us of home.  We stopped a couple times to pick a few tufts of sage, very refreshing.  In Fredonia the sage smell changed to fresh sawdust from a real, live, working lumber mill.

Kanab was the biggest town we’d seen in a while—two movie theatres!—so we decided to stay there to catch up on some shopping and homework and maybe catch the first movie since The Lorax in San Francisco.  One theatre was showing Hunger Games and the other Chronicle, both PG-13, so we were in luck.  Hunger Games seemed a little intense so we opted for Chronicle.  After the first ten minutes and a question to management about whether we were watching the right movie, we left.  The jerky handheld camera scenes were making me as sick as when I watched the Blair Witch Project and the content seemed way too adult for a nine-year-old.  So much for movie night.  We caught up on chores at the Hitching Post RV park where we split a site with Rob.  The Hitching Post was a decent place to stay with friendly management, hot showers, and good tent sites. 



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