Apple Blossoms

Day 56 • April 26, 2012 • Kanab to Glendale, UT •  27 miles

Another overcast to partly cloudy day.  Rain threatened but never materialized until after we were asleep in our tent, and then it rained hard.  The seam sealing we did back in California seemed to do the trick and we stayed dry though there wasn’t much wind associated with this storm.

We checked out Moqui Cave, mostly a tourist trap but with some interesting history.  It is a natural cave once inhabited by the Anasazi, then turned into a bar and dance hall by white settlers, and now run as a museum.  There were interesting antiques and newspaper clippings from the dance hall era and an ultraviolet mineral collection.  My favorite was the West Virginia atomic slag (?!) that glowed nuclear-green.

At Mount Carmel Junction we finished the Adventure Cycling Grand Canyon Connector route, opting to skip a loop through Zion National Park because we were behind schedule and the tunnel at the east entrance is closed to bicycles, requiring you to wait for a pickup truck to come by with a driver willing to carry you and your rig through the tunnel.  We’ve had several reports from other cyclists that say this works quite well but we didn’t want to mess with it with our contraptions.  We’ll be off of the AC routes most of the next day before picking up the Western Express route when we turn onto highway 12 toward Bryce.

Also in Mount Carmel Junction, we saw a mannequin cop operating a police car.  This is a common way to keep speeds down in many of the small communities we’ve passed through and seems to be quite effective.  We like anything that keeps motorists operating at or below the speed limit.

By the time we reached Glendale, rain seemed imminent so we stopped for the night.  Bauer RV park has one of the best tent camping areas we’ve seen where we pitched our tent in a blossoming and very fragrant apple orchard.  The proprietor let us cook and eat dinner in the office, warm and out of any rain, and chatted with us while we ate. Resident mules and a llama kept us entertained

IMG_0088 (2)


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