4 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Hello,

    I just found your website chronicling your trike trip across the country. I think this is a great trip for you and your daughter to enjoy and remember.

    While I currently dont own a trike, I am about to test ride my first trikes this weekend and begin to see if I can find one to fit me. I notice that your itinerary includes a stop in the Reisterstown, MD area. (mid august?). I live in Reisterstown and if you are in need for a place to rest, shower, stay over feel free to reach out to me. Hope you are having a great trip!

    Charlie Matlin


  2. Hi, Kurt! Remember me? I am Mark’s sister and Gretchen’s childhood friend. I live in Olathe now and think I must have just missed you! If you need anything or are still in the area, give me a call! 913-620-8379. This adventure in no way surprises me, and I haven’t seen you in about 30 years! Best of luck and again….call if you need anything!


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