Cycling Meets Golf

Day 22 • March 23, 2012 • Morro Bay to Pismo Beach •  35 miles

We woke up to the sound of polite conversation and the whacking of golf balls.  I didn’t realize this the night before but the hiker/biker section of the Morro Bay State Park campground is right next to a golf course.  We broke camp and said goodbye to Erik and Remko, who got a reasonably early start.  Zoe and I stayed around for a much needed shower and then went back to town for some grocery shopping.  Climbing the hill toward town we faced one of the golf tees at about eye level–  a bad slice (or maybe a hook?) could have been pretty painful.  This is the sort of thing that to me justifies wearing our helmets.  The trikes are stable enough that falling or flipping over is a pretty remote possibility and in a collision with another vehicle the helmets likely wouldn’t help a lot though they probably wouldn’t hurt, either.  But projectiles, like the bird that hit me in the helmet at high speed right at forehead height while cycling on the coast a few years ago, seem to me like a situation a helmet could really help with.  I would have been beaked pretty badly without my helmet that day.  Regardless how you calculate their effectiveness, a helmet is a pretty cheap and easy form of insurance, even on a trike.  I make it a rule to wear one but would still ride if for some reason I didn’t have one to wear.

With all the showering and shopping and speculation about golf balls impacting heads we got what has become our signature Late Start.   Our destination for the day was Oceano but impending darkness forced us into the Pismo Beach State Park campground.  No hiker/biker sites here but this was the first campground we’d encountered that seemed pretty full.  We were happy to find a site for the full $25 rate.  Zoe wanted a camp fire so I bought some fire wood but when we couldn’t find any decent kindling we cut immediately to plan B: find a camp site with a good fire and see if we can horn in.  This strategy avoided any further fire building embarrassment and besides, sharing a campfire is more fun.  We’d noticed a young couple tent camping across the road with a real bonfire that had died down a bit so we grabbed our wood and walked over.  It turns out the bonfire was the result of the lighter fluid they used to get the fire started (that’s how you do it!) and they already had plenty of fire wood but they invited us over anyway.  By this time in the tour our camp fire sensing skills were finely honed; Lauren and Shawn were a delightful couple with wonderful travel adventures to share, the makings for s’mores, and two cute dogs to get to know.  We offered up the firewood they didn’t need and as much mint tea as Lauren could drink and spent the evening together.  Shawn is an ex-Google employee doing some freelancing and kicking around ideas for his next big thing and Lauren is studying to be a nurse so we had a lot in common.





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