Warm Showers for Windows Phone

In the time between finishing the ride and starting a new job, I finally finished what I’d intended to have available for the ride:  a Warm Showers app on my phone.  If I were on iPhone or Android I could have downloaded someone else’s Warm Showers app, but what’s the fun in that?

Warm Showers is an international reciprocal hospitality organization for touring cyclists.  Sign up and offer to host cyclists at your home, then when on your own tour you have all kinds of options for free lodging and like-minded contact throughout the world.  We met some wonderful hosts on our ride and have hosted one amazing adventurer (so far) at our home in Boise.

The app helps you discover, locate, and coordinate with nearby hosts.  This would have come in really handy on the ride.  With it, I’m certain we would have availed ourselves of Warm Showers more often.

Oh well.  Now every touring cyclist with a Windows phone can download the Warm Showers app.  All three of you.