Olympic Delays

Day 149 • July 28, 2012 •  Rockville to Reisterstown, MD •  45 miles

We found one more way to avoid riding:  watching the Olympics.  We happened upon the opening ceremonies in our motel room last night and got sucked in.  Zoe was pretty impressed by the Queen.  Everywhere we stopped today had the Olympics going, turning an otherwise short stop into a marathon as we waited to see the outcome of whatever contest we stumbled upon.  But it was hot outside and cool inside so it worked out to our advantage. 

Since DC we’re on a strict schedule to make NYC the same day Lisa and my mom arrive.  No more rest days.  We could slip a couple days and still make the train home, but we’d blow some prime sightseeing in NYC and waste everyone’s time.  Lisa would not be happy.  We were highly motivated to meet our schedule.   One advantage of this uncharacteristically strict schedule is that we actually knew where we would be six nights in a row which allowed us to take advantage of Warm Showers.  Even though we’ve been generally successful at meeting our mileage goals, on any given day we rarely had high confidence of making our destination.  This was partially by choice—why constrain ourselves to an arbitrary stopping point?  But this philosophy made it difficult to coordinate with potential Warm Showers hosts, so for the most part I didn’t.  Now, with the end game mapped out, I was able to line up hosts for all but one of the remaining days. 

Our host tonight was not a Warm Showers host but someone who had reached out to us early in the ride.  Charlie was following some of the ‘bent blogs, thinking about giving a recumbent trike a try, and came across our blog.  He noticed that our route included his town of Reisterstown and offered us a place to stay when we got here.  Against all odds, I kept track of his contact info and our actual route matched the plan.  To everyone who offered us a place to stay that I either misplaced or was off our final route:  Thank you, and sorry it didn’t work out.  Our stay with Charlie worked out great—we got our own bedroom in his beautiful home, he cooked us dinner, and we geeked out on trike stuff.   He also had some good advice on routing through Maryland and Pennsylvania.  I recently got an email from Charlie—he’s the proud owner of a new (to him) HP Velotechnik Scorpion trike.  Charlie, bring that sucker out to Idaho and let’s ride!


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