Atlantic Coast Route

Day 141-142 • July 20-21, 2012 • Mineral to Fredericksburg, VA •  48 miles

We left the Adventure Cycling TransAmerica trail and began heading north Atlantic Coaston Highway 522, Route 208, and Highway 1, eventually picking up a small piece of the Atlantic Coast route south of Fredericksburg.  We continued our practice of paralleling the AC routes because we preferred straighter, more direct roads.  These proved to be good roads with light traffic until we reached the outskirts of Fredericksburg.   Once on Highway 1 traffic got steadily heavier the further north we traveled.

We had a gray ride with rain threatening most of the first day, but much cooler.  We spent the night at a KOA south of Fredericksburg as conditions deteriorated into heavy rain overnight and periodically throughout the next day.  Between the rain, increasing traffic on Highway 1, and increasing soreness in my left foot we only made it another 10 miles or so the next day before opting for the Quality Inn in Fredericksburg.  We were doing OK on our schedule for New York and made a bet on better weather and lighter traffic tomorrow, a Sunday.  I was beginning to worry that my foot problem might become a show-stopper—what a drag it would be to get stopped this close to the end.  The pain had been getting steadily worse since climbing up onto the Blue Ridge Parkway, we’d just have to see whether some rest days in DC will be enough to reverse the trend.

This entry represents two days of riding because with a little less rain and traffic and a little more motivation we would have done this mileage in a single day.  And for the first time I can barely distinguish between two consecutive days on the road.

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