Fire Station

Day 118 • June 27, 2012 •  Sebree to Utica, KY •  27 miles

Last night we shared the church accommodations with two groups of cyclists who had just started their rides to the west coast.  Warren was from South Africa.  Eric and Will were a father/son team from somewhere in the Colorado front range I think.  After “calling it a night,” we stayed up way too late swapping notes about the routes and discussing the demise of railways in the US.  Well, Eric and Zoe and I stayed up late—Warren and Will had the sense to get some sleep.  Warren got out of there at the crack of dawn to try and beat the heat while Zoe and I were already thinking about lunch before we started rolling.  We soon met a Korean group who, like everyone else we had met lately, were heading west on the TransAm route.  Talking with the locals there was a sense that more people traveled east to west on the TransAmerica route than traveled west to east like Zoe and I.  I suspect this is just the recency effect—this close to the east coast in June they’ve seen many westbounders beginning their rides but most eastbounders haven’t traveled this far east yet.  Zoe and I were a little ahead of the wave I think.

We stopped for the night in Utica.  Not much there except a fire station that was kept open for cyclists to use.  We slept on some mats on the floor and enjoyed showers, air conditioning, and a full kitchen.  We never saw a firefighter the entire time we were there.  I guess that’s good news for fire season around here, or maybe they were all called out west to help there.

IMG_0884 (2)

IMG_0885 (2)

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1 thought on “Fire Station

  1. My son rode the TransAm west to east two years ago. He had a similar experience in Kentucky: He rode through the entire state without spending a dime! (Of course, he was also willing to pitch his tent anywhere; on medians, behind gas stations, etc!) Your daughter is truly amazing!


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