Five Wheels for the Cure

We’re back in Boise and I’m still dribbling out the remaining blog entries.  We’re also researching breast cancer charities.  Once all that is done I’ll contact everyone who has pledged.  If you still want to pledge, it’s not too late.  And for those of you who have already paid, thank you!

The best part of the trip was all the wonderful people we met along the way.  Recently I blogged about our time with Maddy in Missouri.  She has referred her followers to our cause!  Here is what she told them:

So on our trip across the country we met a very inspiring duo, Kurt Ziegler and his 9 year old Daughter Zoe. Meeting at a hostel off the Katy Trail in Missouri, I later learned about their journey and cause. Riding from the west coast to the east coast, young Zoe and Kurt organized a fundraiser for breast cancer. When Kurt informed me that his wife’s sister had previously been diagnosed, the story had a very “real” impact on me. Sense Nick and i didn’t have a charity, fundraiser, or purpose other than life experience, i took it upon myself to contact Kurt. I really wanted to be apart of this movement and incorporate our travels to the Five Wheels For The Cure cause! When kurt got back to me, he couldn’t be happier with the word i had been spreading about the fundraiser and driven interest.

If this message inspired you like Kurt and Z inspired me, it would mean a lot if you could take the time and read how extraordinary a journey like this is. 5300 miles and they are approximately 12 days to the finish line. If you wish to donate, you can leave a comment with your email on the Five Wheels For The Cure page and Kurt will be in contact. He will also be sharing which non-profit organization in hometown Boise he has picked to give the proceeds.

Thank you.

3 thoughts on “Five Wheels for the Cure

  1. Welcome back Kurt and Zoe! Glad you are back safe. You have accomplished something that most of us wouldn’t dare try.
    Thanks for blogging and letting the rest of us “experience” your trip. Looking forward to a conversation about your journey.


  2. Thanks for the support– I’m on a roll with the blog, should be complete fairly soon. Being so far behind may be confusing for readers but it allows me to experience the trip again, which has been fun.


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