Banks of the Ohio

Day 116 • June 25, 2012 •  Glendale to Elizabethtown, IL •  30 miles

Today looked like another scorcher so we got an early start, reaching Elizabethtown before noon.  Early starts are so much easier in a motel!  Zoe still wasn’t 100% so we decided to stay in Elizabethtown for some more recovery time.  We stayed at a beautiful bed & breakfast on the banks of the Ohio River, the River Rose Inn.   The proprietors Sue and Bruce were very nice and told us we could pitch our tent in their yard for a very small fee but we decided to get a room.  I think a touch of luxury is what Zoe needed—we’d been hitting it pretty hard lately. 

We had fried catfish in the floating restaurant next door.  Well I did, I think Zoe opted for a burger.  They offered both farmed and river catfish.  Recently several people had warned me about river-caught catfish–  these fish eat a lot of crap at the bottom of the river, and taste like what they eat.  I don’t know, it must not be too bad if they offer it on the menu, but I chose farmed for my first catfish dinner in recent memory.  It turned out to be my last, as fried anything just doesn’t agree with me anymore.

IMG_0820 (2)


IMG_0823 (2)


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