Father’s Day

Day 108 • June 17, 2012 •  Hartsburg to Tebbets, MO •  31 miles

The little town of Hartsburg was a pleasant surprise—free camping in a little park right next to the trailhead and several restaurants within a block of the tent.  Soon after we got the tent set up last night, Tony and his daughter Hailey, about Zoe’s age, rode up.  Tony was on a two-wheeled ‘bent pulling a trailer with camping gear and Hailey was on her own bike.  They were on an overnight out and back from Rocheport but had ridden way past Hartsburg to put in some impressive miles together.  They pitched their tent next to us, then we walked the half a block to a restaurant and ate dinner together.   Judging from our conversation that night I think Tony and Hailey are probably planning their own epic bike adventure by now—they’ve already proven they have what it takes.  While we were eating, the sky opened up with torrential rain.  Fortunately we were close enough to run over and check on our gear.  Our tent was, miraculously, doing OK but Tony and Hailey’s was taking on a lot of water.  They moved it under the gazebo for the night.  Before the storm hit last night, Zoe presented me with the surprise she made the day before, just in case it didn’t survive the rain—a Father’s Day card.  It was fun to spend Father’s Day weekend with another father/daughter cycling team.

Today we had to reckon with the mess I created yesterday.  To summarize, the shifter I installed was a SRAM with 1:1 ratio.  The rear derailleur on Zoe’s Trets is Shimano, which requires a 2:1 ratio.  The result is that about two of the eight gears work properly—the rest you either can’t get to or they make a lot of alignment noise.  I found a bike shop in Jefferson City that was open and had the correct shifter. They even stayed open past their Sunday noon closing time so we could ride over and swap it out.  They let us use their shop tools and I donated the old, “gently used” shifter to the local bicycle project.   I don’t remember if the new shifter is a Shimano or a SRAM—they make both ratios—but this little detail is important, and I knew better.  The Cycle Depot saved the day, an excellent bike shop in Jeff City.

IMG_0672 (2)

IMG_0670 (2)

IMG_0671 (2)

IMG_0686 (2)IMG_0687 (2)

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