Ridin’ the Rails

Day 105 • June 14, 2012 •  Sedalia to Pilot Grove, MO •  27 miles

Today we picked up the Katy Trail, a rail trail that runs along the Missouri river all the way to St. Louis, using the right of way to the old MKT (Missouri-Kansas-Texas) railroad line.  The surface of compacted, crushed limestone is a bit slow and dusty but we didn’t mind; it gave us a break from motorized traffic. 

This 240 mile linear park has restored train depots, railroad museums, bikes shops and restaurants along the way.  It also has excellent signage with history of each of the rail towns along the path and descriptions of points of interest in each direction.  It’s a compelling combination of Missouri and rail history, exercise, and outdoor beauty tailored to bike travel.  We spent a long time at the restored Sedalia depot learning about the MKT railroad and visiting with the owner of a bike shop sharing some of the depot space.  Zoe even picked up some bike chain earrings (they look cooler than they sound) in anticipation of getting her ears pierced when we get back to Boise.


IMG_0576 (2)

IMG_0581 (2)

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