Free State

Day 101 • June 10, 2012 •  Topeka to Lawrence, KS •  26 miles

The goal today was Lawrence.  Not far but we got a late start and were again bucking strong headwinds.  And I was eyeing dinner and beer at Free State micro brewery.  We left Topeka on 45th street which gave us a pretty straight shot to Clinton Reservoir where we camped for the night.  We arrived early enough to set up camp and then ride into town for dinner and some yummy beers and lemonade.  Even a little Kansas history.  Free State—it’s historic!  Their t-shirts and branding are almost as good as their beers, fortunately you can order them online so we didn’t have to carry any back.  We got back to camp at dusk where we enjoyed sweltering heat and humidity in the tent but also an awesome light dual between lightning bugs and actual lightning from an approaching storm.  Unfortunately we didn’t get any relief from the storm until the wee hours of the morning.

IMG_0447 (2)

IMG_0450 (2)

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