Status Update

We made it!  Zoe and I reached midtown New York from the Jersey shore by trike and (mostly) ferry, pedaling the last few blocks in the heart of NYC.  Lisa took the redeye from Salt Lake City and beat us to the hotel by an hour or so.  The bike box was waiting for us at the hotel and I packed everything up on the sidewalk across from Penn Station.   My mom joined us a few hours later.  A few days as tourists in NYC and then the train back to Boise.  Will continue the blog from central Kansas as time permits—we had more awesome adventures during the last half of the tour.  Thanks for all the support these last five months!


17 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. Congratulations on a great trip. Natascha and I have enjoyed reading about it. Now finally you’re in good shape for a breakfast ride on the Greenbelt…


  2. Congratulations, you two! It’s been so much fun following the blog. So glad you made it safely (but knew you would)! Hugs and all the best from your friends at LAMI. Rob and I were just talking about you this morning. =)


  3. Kurt and Zoe.
    Congratulations on completing this amazing journey!
    Zoe. I am so impressed and proud of you, as are Hannah, Joni and of course Max, Joey and Boocifer!
    Well done both of you.


  4. Well of all the great things to do in this world, the great Zieglers have done one of the greatest. I wish I’d been able to hang with you more, as I never enjoyed myself so much as when riding with you. Very happy to note your arrival and I do hope to see you on my own Ziegler-inspired trip. Congratulations! –Rob


  5. An epic journey, so proud of you both. So many pains and challenges dealt with and overcome – wow. You can take on anything now.

    Kinda weird tho seeing the beautiful vast scenery of the west from CA to KS and then the cityscape of NYC. Looking forward to watching it progress on your blog soon. Rest up and keep posting! Meanwhile, have fun on Amtrak!


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