Status Update

After resting and fattening up with Lisa’s family in West Virginia, we’re on the final push for New York.  We’ve known this for quite a while but now it’s official: we won’t be continuing on to Vermont.  Our last scheduled rest stop is DC, any delays from the following plan will be taken out of that stay.

Wyethville, VA 13 Jul Start
Christiansburg, VA 13 Jul 53 mi
Troutville, VA 14 Jul 48 mi
Natural Bridges, VA 15 Jul 35 mi
Vesuvius, VA 16 Jul 34 mi
Afton, VA 17 Jul 33 mi
Charlottesville, VA 18 Jul 38 mi
Mineral, VA 19 Jul 56 mi
???, VA 20 Jul 42 mi
Fredericksburg, VA 21 Jul 42 mi
Lorton, VA 22 Jul 57 mi
Washington, DC (Vienna, VA) 23 Jul 47 mi
Reisterstown, MD 28 Jul 67 mi
York Furnace, PA 29 Jul 58 mi
Reamstown, PA 30 Jul 56 mi
Norristown, PA 31 Jul 50 mi
Lambertville, NJ 1 Aug 35 mi
Middletown, NJ 2 Aug 60 mi
Belford Ferry to midtown NYC 3 Aug 5 mi
Leave NYC by train 7 Aug  
Arrive SLC by train 9 Aug  
Arrive Boise by car 10 Aug  

1 thought on “Status Update

  1. Kurt, I’ve been following your posts for some time…what an adventure! I thought my Surly Long Haul Trucker was a tank but I can see your rig has mine beat by a long shot.


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