Status Update

Zoe and I are in Nitro, West Virginia (near Charleston) resting for a few days with Lisa’s family.  Zoe’s Poppy rescued us from insane heat and crazy roads in eastern Kentucky and will plop us back on route somewhere in Virginia on Friday.  Now back to Kansas…

1 thought on “Status Update

  1. Stay safe in the heat! The heat’s drier over here, but the air lately has been getting real smoky.

    BTW, just to give a quick status update from your former co-workers, today’s the day that all of us who aren’t going to Redmond are getting our walking papers. Our official last day isn’t until Friday but we can turn in our assets and keycards earlier if we want. I imagine there’ll be a small uptick in waitress/bartender tips in downtown Boise by the end of the day. 🙂


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