Brush with the Law

Day 78 • May 18, 2012 • Fairplay to Conifer, CO •  54 miles

Last night we camped at the Western Inn in Fairplay.  Wifi, hot tub, breakfast and showers for $10, our new favorite overnight stay.  As we were leaving Fairplay in the morning we met Chase and Tim who were part of a team of cyclists riding across the country from one major league baseball stadium to another with Biking for Baseball, an interesting combination of cycling and baseball to promote youth mentoring.  The site is worth a look. Turns out both Chase and Tim are K-State grads like me so we felt compelled to do the human KSU sign.  Clearly I’d never done this before.

We were on Highway 285 all day today which was just fine until we reached Bailey, CO.  At that point we hit crazy Friday rush hour traffic on one of the few corridors connecting Denver with bedroom communities like Conifer and Bailey.  If this is a typical commute around here, I’d be moving closer to work.  About three quarters of a mile from being done for the day, a cop pulled us over.  I had already pulled onto a narrow shoulder when he hit the ear-piercing buzzer they use when travelling too fast through intersections.  That was annoying.  As we sat there waiting for him to do whatever it was he was going to do, he hit the buzzer again!  Now I was mad and jumped off the trike to see what he wanted from us.  As I was walking back toward his vehicle, not one of my better ideas, he jumped out of his car with hands above his head in some sort of peace gesture, yelling “sorry, sorry—it just does that!”  I had to laugh.  Apparently when he does something with his ignition the buzzer sounds—he’s been trying to get it fixed.  So instead of tazering me we had a good laugh about the buzzer and he explained that they’d received some calls about us being on the road. 

To his credit, he never implied we weren’t allowed on the road and was even apologetic about how poorly it was designed and how badly people drive on it.  But he clearly wanted us off of it, offering us a ride to the top of the hill where conditions were better.  OK, we weren’t having much fun on this stretch anyway, but had he seen what we were riding?  He was driving a Ford Expedition which I happen to know will hold my trike, but only on top or inside with the back empty and the rear seat down, both impossible with all the police gear installed.  “No problem,” he said, “I’ll call Joe down with the big truck.” Twenty minutes later Joe shows up in a massive pickup with the bed completely filled with an only slightly less massive ATV.   Where does the trike go?  “Oh, you should be able to throw it on top of the ATV.” He hands me a strap and steps back.  As I’m flailing around with the trike over my head trying to figure out how to get it perched on top of the ATV without destroying it, the same nasty traffic whizzing by the truck, I’m thinking it would surely have been safer to just complete the ride.  And at about three quarters of an hour invested at this point, quicker too.  I finally gave up and told the cop if he wants this to happen, he’s going to have to help.  Between the two of us we set the trike in a precarious position upside down on the ATV and I used the one strap to ensure that when it falls off it will be dragged behind the truck for maximum damage.  Then we bounced up the hill, Joe and I in the pickup with the trike and Zoe and the first cop in the Expedition with the Trets.  They dropped us off on the road we were taking into the campground near Conifer, where we reassembled everything and rode the remaining half mile.  IMG_0301 (2)

WP_000289 Stitch


1 thought on “Brush with the Law

  1. I checked out the B4B site. Pretty cool, especially as I consider myself a baseball fan to some degree. Turns out their map says they are approaching Manchester, TN, so they are marginally close to K&Z again. Can’t say that I’ve ever done the human KSU either even though I’m a K-State grad as well. Must be a post-Dark Ages thing. Katie and I camped with K&Z the evening of their police escort. I can verify that the traffic is pure mahem and that they survived with tranquility in reserve and no jail time. Bravo! mz


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