Ghost Dog

Day 59 • April 29, 2012 •  Bryce to Henrieville Creek, UT •  33 miles

Rob headed out early while Zoe and I finished stocking up on supplies in Bryce Village.  We met up again in Cannonville at the Escalante Staircase Visitors Center.  This and other national park facilities in the region had an awesome three dimensional relief map of the area that showed our route from Grand Canyon to Lake Powell.  Across the street was a nice park where we met some other travellers.  Doug and Cathy were staying at Deer IMG_0255Creek campground near Boulder and reinforced our desire to check out the Kiva Coffeehouse and the Hell’s Backbone Grill in the next couple days.  They offered us dinner if we made it to the campground and gave us tips on places to stay in Colorado.  We met a gentleman from Boise who was on a cross-country motorcycle ride and a man on a touring bike heading to Stanley, Idaho to work for the summer.  He had taken the direct, dirt road route from Kanab to Cannonville and was happy to find water.

We gave the cyclist information on how to find our destination for the night, an awesome WP_000136stealth camping sight I used on a bike trip seven years earlier.  On that trip, my friend Peter was tailing my brother and I in my truck, much as Rob is doing now.  He’d ride out part way with us in the mornings and then ride back to the truck and push ahead, scouting for the next overnight spot.  He found this site, still the best stealth camping site I’ve seen.  Counting tonight I’ve stayed here twice and my brother has stayed here two or three times.  Well done Peter!


We found the stealth camp site pretty easily–  where the grade flattens a bit there is a little dirt road that takes you north of the highway, along a forested ridge with an excellent view of Powell Point.  The Stanley cyclist wasn’t there—we found out later he’d opted for a spot right on Henrieville Creek that still had flowing water—but there was another twist.  About a year earlier someone’s dog, creatively named “Dog”, apparently died on a road trip and was (presumably) buried there with a lovely memorial headstone and cairn, precisely at the spot with the best view.  Lucky dog.  Or maybe it was “Doc” and we should have contacted the authorities.  In any case this was not a welcome turn of events for Zoe who imagined the place haunted by Dog.  It took a while to talk her down from that ledge but eventually we drifted off to sleep with no doggie apparitions.


IMG_0220IMG_0216 Stitch


IMG_0252IMG_0234 Stitch




1 thought on “Ghost Dog

  1. Yeah, haven’t done nearly as much stealth camping as you have but agree, it’s the best. Guess we’ll have to call it ‘Dog’ now… mz


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