Leap Frog

Day 57-58 • April 27-28, 2012 • Glendale to Bryce, UT •  54 miles

We met Matej again, last seen back in Arizona, at Long Valley Junction and then again after the turnoff to highway 12.  In the four days it had taken us to get this far, Metej had done the same thing plus a loop through Zion with some hiking.  Overachiever.

The ride through Red Canyon was beautiful and most of it was on an excellent bike path.  By the time we got through the canyon it was getting late but we knew Rob had secured a spot at the North Campground in Bryce.  There were plenty of nice wild camping options (wild as opposed to stealth, because camping out in BLM or Forest Service land around here was perfectly legal) but the prospect of meeting up with Rob and camping in a real campground had Zoe pretty excited.  Besides, it was all downhill from here…

It was dark and extremely cold by the time we made it to camp.  We found Rob and set up the tent by flashlight.  We spent the next day exploring Bryce with Rob.






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