Status Update

We lost a week convalescing from a sinus infection (Kurt’s) in Hanksville, garden spot of Utah.  Lisa rescued us during a planned vacation as we were climbing out of Hite, UT, still slinging snot but with meds on board. She caught us back up with the car and we’re now in Gunnison, CO and will attempt to cross the continental divide via Monarch Pass today.  Denver Saturday-ish.  Blog updates whenever-ish.

11 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. We are sorry you had to lay low for a few days and are glad you are on the mend. We love following your blogs and hear about your impressions on the road. Natascha.


  2. Gunnison is my old stomping grounds. Lived there and in Crested Butte for 15 years. Now you are heading for Salida then which way? Toward Leadville or Canon City. I know that country well. I spent 10 years Guiding the Arkansas. Salida is one of my favorite towns. The Collegiate Range is awesome. More 14,000′ mtns. in that county than anywhere else in the country. Enjoy the view. Cheers Jimmy


    • We had a good time in Gunnison. Also spent some time in Salida, Poncha Springs, Buena Vista, and are currently in Fairplay.


  3. Go baby go! We were wondering when you would hit Gunnison. Steve and I celebrate 12 years of marriage next week, guess those marriages in Crested Butte work out! Zoe will enjoy this, in honor of your ride Hannah finally learned to ride her bike a few weeks ago! See u on Topeka time!


  4. Thanks for all your great descriptions of your Great trip. Hard to believe you and Zoe are seeing the country in such a delightful way. Wish I was with you. Thanks for all your updates. Rod


  5. Good luck! Happy things are on the up and up again. Love to read you stories and how things are going. Take Care, Kathleen


  6. Saline sinus irrigation. Twice a day.
    Went from three serious infections a year to none for last several years.


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