Southern Tier

Day 39 • April 9, 2012 • Imperial Beach to Lakeside •  43 miles

Today we transitioned from the Pacific Coast to the Southern Tier Adventure Cycling route.  By staying in Imperial Beach we overshot the start of the Southern Tier route a bit so I rode solo about twenty miles back while Lisa and Zoe spent some more time together exploring Old Town San Diego.  San Diego has a pretty good network of bike paths and I was able to get much of the way to Old Town on nice trails, though it is the usual, often incomprehensible patchwork.  At one point I was riding on perhaps the best bike path I’ve seen and was then dumped into a big parking lot with no signage or other clue how to continue.

Pacific CoastSouthern TierIMG_9414




After a tearful goodbye, we rode through Mission Hills Regional Park on the way out of town, a beautiful city park that highlights the plant and animal life in the area and trumps most of the state parks we’ve seen.  They have a nice interpretive center that we briefly explored before they closed on us.  The park includes the beautiful Kumeyaay Lake Campground that is, say it with me, closed due to budget cuts.  The ride through the park was a nice break from the urban traffic we were dealing with most of the day.

Toward the end of the day I lost a screw to one of my cleats, making it very difficult to twist the shoe so that it would release from the pedal.  Through the following day I kept the shoe attached to the pedal and hopped around on one foot until I finally borrowed a screw from one of Zoe’s identical shoes.   She has a non-cleat platform on one side of her pedals so it’s not as big a deal for her.  I have a whole collection of these screws at home but didn’t think to pack one.  Paul will dig one up and deliver it to us when we meet in the Grand Canyon.

We spent the night at Rancho Los Coches RV Park near Lakeside, a very nice, very clean park.  So clean and manicured and full of RVs that until we scored a key to the bathroom later in the evening (we arrived after hours) we had to hike out of the park to find a private place to pee.  IMG_9428


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