Day 35 • April 5, 2012 • Dana Point to Cardiff •  47 miles

Today we had a mission–  get to our destination of San Elijo Beach State Park and see my wife Lisa, aka Mom, who was travelling by plane and rental car to meet us for a long weekend in San Diego.  So we started pedaling at the crack of 10:30.

Along the way we took Carl’s advice and Glen’s detailed route and rode through Camp Pendleton to avoid riding on the interstate.  It turns out this route pretty closely matched the Adventure Cycling route as well.  We had to check in at the gate and show ID.  The guards were very accommodating and let us through without digging out Zoe’s passport.  I was a little bummed though, it’s looking like we’ll end up dragging the passport across the country without ever using it.

We saw some surfing cyclists with pretty cool bike mounts for their surf boards.  Some were attached to what looked like an Xtracycle rack, others were towed as trailers as shown below.  Over the years folks have tried the same thing with hang gliders but it makes for a pretty long, heavy load and large turning radius.  It never really caught on.

San Elijo was nearly a disaster for several reasons.  We were planning on using the hiker/biker site but Lisa’s arrival by car didn’t quite fit the hiker/biker profile.  Other sites required a reservation we didn’t have and the campground was considered full.  And to top it off, the gentlemen at the entrance said they don’t really have hiker/biker facilities anyway–  he described it as an unadvertised service at the discretion of the campground staff and that  it was being phased out.  In the end they did have one site left that could be used for hiker/biker.  We paid full price for it so that we could park the car in it and offered to share it with any other hiker/bikers that came along that night.  We were told they rarely get hikers or bikers at San Elijo.  Indeed, we had the site to ourselves that night.  We made a campfire and forced Lisa to experience our typical evening of fine dining and tent lodging.










2 thoughts on “Mom

  1. … glad to see Slash is hooking up.

    Couldn’t help but notice the irony of a skull in the foreground, a nuke in the background, and the ultimate energy-conserving rig casting its aura on the scene.

    … passport uses … if you rip a hole in your tire and don’t have a folded dollar bill to keep the tube from balloning out, the passport cover is pretty tough stuff …


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