Small World

Day 34 • April 4, 2012 • Long Beach to Dana Point •  39 miles

Carl rode with us out of Long Beach, leading us back to the Adventure Cycling route and a good way toward our destination of Doheny Beach State Park.  Later in the ride we took Carl’s advice and diverted from highway 1 at Newport Beach to pick up the ferry ride to Balboa Island which was fun and a nice break from the highway.  Incidentally, if you’re interested in completing the last bike tour of your cycling career, Carl is looking for companions on the End of the World tour to Panama this fall that he is planning to coincide with the end of the Mayan calendar and the collapse of civilization.  Cycling may not be the same after the apocalypse so plan accordingly.



Zoe and I had a scenic lunch at a picnic bench along a bluff overlooking the ocean near Huntington Beach.  I called Glen to thank him for his support during the Orange County portion of our trip and to give my regrets for not getting a chance to meet him in person.  Glen organizes the Trike Squadron, a band of marauding trike pilots in the area that we had hoped to ride with but I wasn’t able to coordinate.  We did meet one of the squadron however–  not five minutes after hanging up the phone with Glen, Jim wandered up.  He knew about us through Glen and the blog and happened to spot us from the road as he was driving by.  Jim rides a TerraTrike Cruiser, same as my wife.  Glen also organizes a 100 mile charity ride coming up April 29.



We reached Doheny at dusk where we met Gary and Clem in the hiker/biker section.  It seemed Gary was expecting us—he referred to us as the missing trike—and we learned that Glen is tracking Gary’s ride like he is ours, and the two are communicating.  Gary rides a bright yellow Catrike Expedition trike.  He is riding across the country and back again in about the same time as we’re taking to go one way.  He and Clem are friends that planned the ride together, but at some point their routes diverge and they’ll finish up solo. They started from home in San Luis Obispo not long ago and expect to be averaging 80 mile days.  Here is Gary’s blogHere is Clem’s.

The hiker/biker section at Doheny is a small patch of cement-like dirt next to a bathroom with one shared picnic table.  With three tents, three rigs, and four people you can’t help but get to know one another.  Another feature of Doheny that is shared by most of the campgrounds further south along the coast is that it is right next to a very active commuter and freight railroad track.  A passing train was a conversation stopper but it didn’t affect our sleep.


Small world, a shame it’s ending so soon.

2 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Thanks for the mention (and links to our Diabetes ride event and website) Kurt! It was a bummer that we did not get to meet face to face but fun that you met Jim and ran into Clem and Gary at Doheny!


  2. Was awesome getting to talk with the two of you. Couldn’t believe I actually saw you! Couldn’t wait to get home and read your entire blog since I only scanned it before. I’ll be following it from now on and expecting some exciting stories. Be safe, watch out for all the marauding trike pilots in Orange County if your ever in our area again!


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