Status Update

Yesterday we left San Diego County and are now being blown across the Imperial Valley toward the California-Arizona border.  Much thanks to everyone who helped us in LA and San Diego.  Details remain stuck at about two weeks out on the blog.

5 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. May you have many good tailwinds! too bad we did not get to meet face to face but glad we touched base by phone. Looking forward to reading more about your trip as you get time to post!


  2. Hi, Kurt and Zoe!

    Been watching your progress every day. The area you are starting across now is a lot of boring nothing! Lots of sand! According to Lucinda and Rafael the prevailing winds are from west to east, though, so maybe some good high-mileage days are ahead! Let’s hope for strong tail-winds and good weather.

    Just looked at the weather radar and a big storm is getting ready to sweep across where you are. You will probably already be in it or have run through it by the time you see this, though! Good luck!


    • Yeah, we’re in it. We’ve had some great tail winds but the other shoe dropped at the end of our ride today when we got caught in a big sand storm. Fortunately we were only a couple minutes of searing cross wind away from the ranger station and some shelter. They let us tether our tent to the lee side of a big bush and we’ve been hunkered down ever since. As I write the storm has died down to almost nothing, I think we made it! There may be a big pile of sand instead of the trike, we’ll see in the morning. Thanks for checking in!


      • A memorable 50th birthday, sounds like to me! Cheers Kurt – here’s a virtual b-day toast to you while I take another sip of this White Owl whiskey I was telling you about. Gotta get you some of dis.

        Love, your sis


      • Hey Guys! You both have been on my mind lately. Sounds like you’re making good progress. Keep up the good work – and Zoe, don’t forget to play your guitar!


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