27 Miles of Scenic Beauty

Day 28 • March 29, 2012 • Leo Carrillo State Beach to Marina Del Rey •  31 miles

We said goodbye for the last time to Christian who was going to make a push back home to Long Beach today.  Christian is a graduate student in art at Cal State, specializing in old printing techniques such as lithography that have transitioned from the mainstream into the realm of art.  He likes to do solo bike tours to connect with the outdoors and for inspiration.  He’s done extensive touring in the area and had good advice for the remainder of our coast leg.  He has some connections at BSU and thought he might even wind up in Boise at some point.  Christian, look us up if you do!

Today was an easy, cloudy day with consistent tail winds.  The biggest challenge was negotiating Malibu, or as the sign said, 27 miles of scenic beauty.  I can’t argue with the sign–  it was beautiful and 27 miles seemed about right.  This has to be the longest, skinniest city I’ve ever encountered.  The problem was separating any of this beauty from the area’s most prominent feature:  the automobile.  Cars were everywhere– on the road, parked on a shoulder that would have otherwise been perfect for bikes, hanging from trees.  It seemed like even the local residents were parked along the only road through town, best we could do is take one of the two lanes going south and push on.  Several charming motorists indicated their disagreement with that decision.  Past Malibu the options widen to include an excellent bike path along the beach.  I’m sure this path has its own problems at the height of summer but for us it was most welcome.

Riding through Venice Beach was slow but a lot of fun, on both counts due to all the pedestrian traffic.  If you wanted to ride faster you could bop over to the bike-only path.  We found a place to stay near the bike route in Marina Del Rey and began planning for tomorrow’s trip to Hollywood.








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