Leo Carrillo

Day 27 • March 28, 2012 • Ventura to Leo Carrillo State Beach •  36 miles

As we passed the McGrath state campground we verified it was indeed closed and wondered how Christian, a southbound touring cyclist we’d crossed paths with a couple of times the day before, had fared.  We had told him McGrath was our destination for the night, hope we didn’t suck him in to that trap.

This was a pretty leisurely day and about halfway through we had more reason not to push any further–  our friends from Boise, Karen, Guymen, and Piper, were passing very close to us by car.  We arranged to meet them at Leo Carrillo and figured we’d beat them there so we spent some time poking around the pier at Point Hueneme.  Folks were mostly fishing or crabbing off the pier and we got a peak at some of the meager catch that day.  We also learned how to pronounce Hueneme so now we could blend in with the locals.  At least the ones riding tandem recumbent trikes.

We couldn’t figure out why the beach was named Leo Carrillo until a few days later, but it was named after the prominent radio and TV actor who also served on the state parks and recreation commission.  He played Pancho in the Cisco Kid TV series. The hiker/biker section was a little hard to find, tucked back behind the RV sanitation station, but was a very nice, shady spot.  There we met Christian once again who had indeed fallen into the McGrath trap.  He got there near dusk without any other options for camping so had the whole site to himself!  And for free.  I kind of wish we’d done the same thing.  It sounded like a cool site with lush vegetation and well designed camp sites.  But it’s in a wash that floods periodically which is why it was closed.

Guymen, Karen, and Piper showed up later that evening and we had a fun but brief reunion with them.  It was great to see them, thanks guys for going out of your way.


IMG_8792 Stitch





4 thoughts on “Leo Carrillo

    • I can’t say whether you’re out of the loop, but you and everyone else are getting updates two weeks late because that’s how far behind we are on the blog. I’ll catch it up somehow, at some point… BTW I went with the pocket rocket, good suggestion.


      • That’s a great stove fires up every time simple and super light. When I’m backpacking and its super cold I sometimes sleep with a fuel canister in the foot of my sleeping bag but that stove has never failed me. Ride on! Cheers


  1. (connections) — Leo Carrillo —> Pancho —-> “Pancho and Lefty”: “Liv’in on the road my friend, is going to keep you free and clean …”.

    I had to read the line “…Karen, Guymen, and Piper, were passing very close to us by car…” a couple of times to not be worried that something ominous almost happened.

    Glad to see Slash made into the scene again a couple of days ago even if he had to feign exhaustion to do it. Zoe, thanks for all your smiles. They are keeping those of us stuck in our ways back home smiling back.


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