Treefort begins today!  If Zoe and I were in Boise, we’d be there.  We’re happily where we are (currently Morro Bay) but hope this first annual music festival is a huge success so we can see it next year.  Some of my favorite local bands are playing including Hillfolk Noir, Finn Riggins, and A Seasonal Disguise.  And of course Built to Spill which I consider one the best bands ever to exist.  Add to that an almost overwhelming array of other local and imported talent and the Treefort endeavor has the potential to make a big splash.  At minimum it shows off the vibrant music scene in Boise.

Now back to the sporadic blog.

2 thoughts on “Treefort

  1. Morro Bay is one of my favorite spots in California. Soak up (no pun intended) some of the beautiful scenery there and bring it here.


  2. Great that you got to see some good live music on the road, while Treefort happens here. I’ll check out Hillfolk Noir for you and give a full report.


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