Snail Crossing

Day 13 • March 14, 2012 • Davenport to New Brighton Beach •  19 miles

We left Davenport and the comfort of the Roadhouse clean and dry and directly into another steady rain.  At least our gear and a change of clothes would remain dry. 

Shortly after getting on the road we encountered dozens of suicidal snails attempting to cross highway 1.  No longer too concerned about deer, snails are the class of road kill we deal with now.  They move even slower than we do but with five wheels and at least four tracks, avoiding a pack of them is no easy feat.  It’s hard to know but I think we missed them all.  No snails in Zoe’s face and nothing stuck to the fenders.  Sorry, no pictures, we were in rain mode again today.  Here’s the best we can do, from our tent at New Brighton Beach.


We stopped at the Safeway in Santa Cruz to re-supply.  As we ate down our purchase so we would have a fighting chance of fitting it on the trike, we watched the rain increase.  When it reached it’s peak we headed out again.  I’ve been excited about riding through Santa Cruz since planning began for this trip.  It’s where one of my favorite bands, Camper Van Beethoven, originated.  And it just sounded cool.  But our soggy ride through Santa Cruz wasn’t cool.  I’m left with the impression that Santa Cruz must have the highest population anywhere of revved up, jacked up, louder than hell monster pickups driven with the purpose of wiping the road clean of any remaining cyclists or pedestrians.  Higher even than Boise.  Or Phoenix.  I’m confident Santa Cruz is a charming place but unfortunately we didn’t see it.

But the consistent good on this trip has far outweighed the occasional bad and today was no exception.  South of town we lost our bearings on the way to Sunset Beach, our destination for the day.  Stopped at a gas station with map out in the pouring rain we must have looked pretty hapless.  Joy was filling her car at the station and came over to help us out.  She was pretty excited about our trip and quickly got us back on track. 

At some point we lost the desire to reach the intended destination and settled instead for the much closer New Brighton Beach.  The campground was nice, inexpensive for hikers/bikers, and had hot showers.  After a cold, soggy day like today a hot shower was almost mandatory. The hiker/biker section was mostly flooded but we found a dry enough spot. 

4 thoughts on “Snail Crossing

  1. Hola from sunny San Antonio! Not trying to rub it in, just remember it will be dry and sunny very soon when you turn east. Spring is already sprung in the Midwest, it will all be waiting for you!


  2. That was a MISERABLE day for sure! I was glad to have met you and helped out. I hope you get to come visit Santa Cruz again someday. Hope all is well! I am enjoying catching up on where your travels take you! Hi to Zoe!
    Joy : )


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