Day 12 • March 13, 2012 • Big Basin Redwoods SP to Davenport •  8 miles

We were in need of some de-sogging.  It was late morning before the storm broke enough for us to break camp and we weren’t on the road until after noon.  And it was still raining.

I had my sights on Santa Cruz or even New Brighton Beach but when Zoe caught sight of the Roadhouse Inn in Davenport I knew it was game over.  I didn’t put up much of a fight.  Jesse, the proprietor, put us up in a really nice room overlooking the ocean, let us put the trikes on the upstairs porch where they were safe from theft and rain, and gave us the run of the laundry room. 


What a contrast from the night before!  We cleaned up, did the laundry, and got our soggy gear drying before coming downstairs for a nice dinner next to a roaring fire.  They even had some good local beer on tap.  But the real kicker for us was the local live music.  Sherry Austin and the Henhouse laid down some soulful country blues & folk music all night long.  Four women with amazing harmonies, various sorts of acoustic and electric guitar and base, and a mean pedal steel guitar.

Zoe and I needed a lift and Jesse and the band really delivered.

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