Angering the Weather Gods

Day 11 • March 12, 2012 • Half Moon Bay to Big Basin Redwoods SP •  34 miles

We had high hopes for a big 50 mile day to New Brighton Beach today but the weather had other ideas.  The tailwinds I had gloated about earlier in the ride, gradually decreasing over time, turned to a headwind today.  Near the end of the ride we met a man traveling the opposite direction pushing his bike up a big hill we were struggling down.  He and his dog were on their annual spring pilgrimage from Santa Barbara to Seattle.   He commented that his uncharacteristic tailwind showed how God was always on his side.  We wished him well and wondered what we had done to get on His bad side.

By the time we hit Big Basin Redwoods State Park about ten miles north of Davenport the combination of strong headwinds and lowered visibility stopped us in our tracks.  We hung out at the beach waiting for nightfall to slip into a protected area across the road where we could hunker down for the night.  The signs didn’t forbid camping there but they didn’t allow it either so we didn’t want to be too obvious.  It turns out we didn’t need to be so cautious–  a biologist working there pointed us to an empty horse camp just up the road that doubled as an unpublished bike camp.  We quickly set up camp and ate the last of our food as night fell early with increasing clouds, fog, wind, and rain.  Overnight, winds in the 40+ MPH range and heavy horizontal rain proved too much for our tent but we managed to stay dry and warm in our sleeping bags by carefully staying in the geometric center of the tent and periodically mopping up the moat forming all around us.  We stayed in the tent doing homework until late morning when the winds and rain finally subsided enough for us to make a break for it.  My trike fly did a great job protecting the trike and Trets from the rain right up until the point the stakes were ripped from the ground early in the morning and everything got soaked.




9 thoughts on “Angering the Weather Gods

  1. Looks like you’re having fun! We’re having rainy weather here today (Sunday) and it’s spitting snow. Hope you had a great time at the aquarium. How was the gift shop?!?


  2. Hello to the Daring Duo! Gretchen’s friend Rebekah here… Your dear sister and amazing aunt has kept me wonderfully informed of your grand adventures! So much that I am now addicted to your blog and cannot wait for the next installment.

    Zoe, you are an amazing person! Isn’t it remarkable how the tough times make the good times all the better? What a wonderful gift your parents have given you. Good for you for taking this adventure head on. It’s good that you decided to go because I think Slash would have been lost without you. Have you considered starting your own blog? I would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe you could just type up a few sentences at the end of your Dad’s installments? Just a thought…

    I hope the rain becomes more forgiving, or that the tent becomes more functional.

    Here’s wishing you good weather, clear roads and fantastic experiences ahead! ~R


  3. Gee, after the tough trio battle hills, pounding rain, and un-welcoming campgrounds, they wimp out when they get a chance to swim with the sharks. After all, you were already wet. I am SO disappointed! Maybe next time, put the trikes in the tent and sleep under the fly. Let Slash drive the stakes. That’ll keep’m in place.


  4. Hello daring adventurers! I have enjoyed reading your blog very very much.
    Little did we know who we were welcoming into our inn on that rainy night. We have bicyclists stay often, but your story is truly grand. Hopefully you 4 (Kurt, Zoe, Slash and Trike) have migrated to increasingly warmer climes. Your blog is inspiring, and I wish you the very best. Jesse@theDavenportRoadhouse


  5. May the wind be at your backs and the rain go out to sea. Enjoy the beautiful California coast for me, especially Monterrey and Pebble Beach. Courage!


  6. Hi Zoe & Kurt – Great meeting you both today at the Big Sur Post Office!

    Zoe – you were concerned about your parcel in the decorative packaging so I added a tracking number to it – 0311 0820 0000 2326 6208 – follow it at –

    Safe journey to you both and enjoy the gift of this adventure together!



  7. Zoe my kids would like you to know they think Slash is awesome. They have fuzzy baby and fuzzy man which have very similar habits. Looks like you guys are doing great so far, so many good pictures. Keep the posts coming 🙂


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