Introducing Slash

Slash is my stuffed tiger.  I got him from my friend Zoe Carr for my birthday, Aug 27 2010.  That makes him one and a half years old.  His best friends are called The Gang.  Tigger, Azul, Zebba, and Fuzzy.  They are all Jellycats, a brand of stuffed animal.  Slash likes to do gymnastics but sometimes he gets hurt and has to go to the hospital. 







The reason I’m taking Slash on this trip is because I love him.  He rides facing me in a seat belt on one of the panniers so that we can talk.  He’s funny, he’s weird, he likes to sing and act, and he likes opera.  He also has an attitude.  Slash is truly a cool cat.



10 thoughts on “Introducing Slash

  1. Zoe so nice to have had the pleasure of Slash staying in Mosier with us last spring! Sounds like he picked the right girl to have the adventure of a lifetime with. Wish we were riding with you!


  2. Zoe, looks like Slash is having fun on this trip and is a good riding companion. He probably doesn’t even mind all the rain you’ve ridden in, since tigers love water so much as you know. I would have liked to seen the roof rescue, but Slash probably just wants to forget about that.

    Keep your posts coming Z – your fans await.


  3. -Zoe πŸ™‚
    I really miss you! I see you made it to sanfransisco! I just wish I could be there with you! Im getting really exited for DW ( disney World) And exited about seeing you in NYM ( new york middletown) this summer, at least I get to see you for a week! And my dad says we might let you stay with us, and you can meet my cousin Jocelyn, be sure to check out the e-mail I sent you of her dancing πŸ™‚ Oh how I miss you so! 😦
    Ava πŸ™‚


  4. Dear Zoe, I really enjoyed hearing about Slash and seeing the great pictures of him. I especially liked the pictures of Slash reading and writing. Does he play the guitar too? Sorry you have had so much rain but it sounds as if you make the best of it. Keep the blogs coming! I love them.


  5. Wow, Zoe. I didn’t realize Slash is such a sophisticated tiger. I bet he would get along well with Hobbs. He’s a tiger friend of a boy named Calvin I used to read about. Maybe you know him. If not, you or your dad can find an e-book about them. I do hope he is more careful from now on, especially during gymnastics. Tiger hospitals are going to be few and far between later in the trip. Stay dry!


  6. Hi, Z and Slash (and Kurt): Thanks for the post with all the great pics of Sir Slash. He looks like he’s enjoying the adventure. Hope your visit to the Monterrey Aquarium was a blast.


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