Life Imitates Art

Days 7, 8 • March 8, 9, 2012 • Playing in San Francisco

One day wasn’t enough so we stayed an extra.  We were within walking distance of China Town, cable cars, and MOMA, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  We rode the bus to to the Exploratorium but by the time we got there we only had about an hour left until they closed.  Still a lot of fun, an amazing place– Boise Discovery Center on steroids.  We took advantage of the endless variety of Walgreens to replenish our supplies.  We had Dim Sum and Subway.

We mixed it up with our fellow geeks at the game developers’ conference.  Some of them were staying in our hostel.  Apparently God hates game designers. 


This may be why.


We watched The Lorax.  Thumbs up from me and Zoe.  They should have resisted the urge to tie everything up into a neat bow but it was well done overall.  My only real criteria for a good animated movie is that I can stay awake; this was one of the few that met that test.  This outcome may have had something to do with with the 24 oz NOS energy drink I acquired from one of the NOS girls pushing stimulants onto the bleary-eyed game developers.  We also got some sporty neck lanyards from them, thanks NOS girls!

Our favorite activity in SFO was MOMA where we spent a lot of time.  In one exhibit we became part of an interactive piece of art.  This may have been on the floor that doesn’t allow photography, I got them mixed up, so don’t tell anyone.








8 thoughts on “Life Imitates Art

  1. San Francisco is a great city, and that’s a perfect description of the Exploratorium. Glad you guys got some good eats before heading back out on the road. Lucy has seen the Lorax, as has Ellen, but alas, I’ve not seen it. Happy trails!


  2. Zoe and Kurt, I can see that you two are having a great time. When you were in Olema you passed very close by our old home in Inverness. I like the pictures, especially the one in SF museum with Zoe in the grips of a huge iron spider. Happy triking! Let Sabina know if you can stop by their place. They are following your blog with excitement.


  3. Hi! I met you today at the gas station! ; ) I am so excited to have met you and have the privilege of being witness to your journey! I am so impressed.
    If you end up staying at New Brighton, you will have to get onto McGregor, I live right off this road. If you continue south on McGregor (instead of getting back on Park to get to Soquel) you will hit State Park Dr. Turn Left over the overpass and you will run into Soquel that way. Depending on what time you leave, the portion of Soquel between Park and State Park can get pretty harry due to Cabrillo College (the local JC) a.m. students. Although, Soquel, from Park is an easy ride and you’ll get to see the Campus. Also, there is a Coffee shop/Bakery along the way called The Farm which is quite quaint.
    Joy Flynn Wall


    • Joy, you saved the day today. Thanks for getting us back on track. We were getting a little too soggy and decided to stop at New Brighton. Hoping for Monterey tomorrow but the rain may have other ideas. Sitting in the tent listening to it rain and doing homework.


  4. Zoe, Curt, (and the quiet one, Slash), your blog is addictive. I’m pretty sure the next version of the DSM is going start with a diagnosis something like: “checks multiple times every day”. Few, if any, other blogers would notice that Stormtroopers in tutus are behind theological snarls.

    Thanks for the smiles and the inspirations.

    Dan M


  5. looking good you two!

    i’m originally from mill valley (tamalpais valley). sounds like you had a nice stop there. it has changed a lot from the 50’s when i lived there.

    what is your lowest gear (gear inches)? does peddling on the trailer help much?


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