Found Toys

Day 5 • March 6, 2012 • Tomales to Lagunitas • 32 miles

We had our heart set on San Francisco today.  We got an early start and were making good progress until we zigged when we should have zagged.  We’re Zigs, what do you expect?  It only amounted to maybe a 5 mile round trip to Olema but in the middle was a significant hill.  Hitting that hill twice when we needn’t have hit it at all was a little demoralizing.  By the time we were back on track we were thinking more about resting for the evening in the inviting Samuel P Taylor State Park than pushing through to SFO.

I can’t blame my navigator for this mistake–  it was all mine.  If Zoe had made the call there’s a good chance we would have fared better.  She has really stepped up to the navigator role, following the maps and providing turn by turn guidance as well as the lay of the land using the elevation profiles. 


Zoe has also done a good job entertaining herself with whatever resources are on hand at the time.  Today it was a plastic grocery bag—see how long she can keep it aloft in the breeze–  and a ball made from the aluminum foil of the massive burrito I bought at the market in Point Reyes Station.  And of course Slash is always entertaining.  This reminds me a little of Tom Hanks in Castaway.  If she starts calling her ball Wilson I’ll begin to worry.

Alas, Samuel P Taylor State Park was too good to be true.  Closed Tuesday through IMG_8068Thursday as a park ranger brought to our attention.  With all the park closures I don’t think it’s possible to do this trip legally and on a budget that doesn’t include resort hotels, at least in California.  We rode to the edge of the park boundary and found a nice tent site next to the Cross Marin bike trail.

7 thoughts on “Found Toys

  1. Which ever way the road takes you seems to lead to adventure and beauty. Boy how we wish we were riding along. Keep up the good work Zoe!


  2. I can’t wait to start reading the posts about your conversations with cops, since you’ve always had such a convincing way with them.


  3. Lucy and I rode bikes Friday for the first time in a while, and made it from Surprise Valley down to Bown Crossing, and Powell’s, of course, and then back. On the way back, which is slightly uphill, I said to Lucy, who was growing a bit annoyed with the grade, “Can you imagine doing this all the way across the country?” “Hard,” she said. I think it put our little ride in perspective. Keep up the good work, Kurt and Zoe!


    • Good job Lucy! Our rides aren’t that different, we just string together a bunch of small ones and eventually wind up far from home. Eventually. Our rides have been pretty short lately.


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