Tops of Hills

Day 3 • March 4, 2012 • Gualala to Jenner • 37 miles

Editors note:  We’ve emerged, probably briefly, from the communication abyss.  We’ll try to catch up on the blog while we’re playing in San Francisco.  If you need to get in touch with us while we’re travelling, email is best.  With email there is some chance our phone will pick it up while we wander by a rare hot spot and we can queue up a reply while in camp.  Phone calls have the problem that we need a live cell connection to receive a voice mail.  Comments on the blog are very welcome but responses from us will be slow because we have to be connected to respond.  Now back to the regularly scheduled blog…

Mark and Mo’s excellent breakfast set the stage for some idyllic riding in some of the best weather yet—sunny, mid-70’s, light winds and calm seas.  IMG_0095











We tackled some pretty big hills again today but these were longer and less frequent, an improvement over yesterday.  For the same elevation gain I much prefer a long grind over a bunch of short steep hills that constantly knock your pace to near zero.

The more interesting thing about the hills today was what was at the top of them.  At the top of our biggest climb we found this.  Notice the hat in the foreground of the picture on the right.  We looked for signs of a struggle or bones picked clean by the marauding band of cows but nothing turned up.







Timber Cove Hats was at the top of our next big hill.   We were ok in the hat department but some of them looked pretty nice.  Maybe the cow pack ousted her from the last hill and she dropped a hat.


We made it into Jenner early enough to assess our lodging situation.  Big mistake.  After much deliberation with various business, organizations, and locals in Jenner we were stuck with insufficient daylight to make it to the next, rare, open campground and no options for pitching a tent in Jenner.  No one could come up with a tent-sized patch of ground that didn’t have liability concerns and they didn’t have a problem sending us down highway 1 in the dark.  Go figure.  We ended up getting a room at the Jenner Inn.

After getting the lodging settled we went back to where we heard a band playing earlier to get a bite to eat and learned the band was playing on their own.  The coffee shop we were counting on had long been closed.   So we grabbed some food at the surprisingly well stocked gas station and retired.  We had some pretty decent homemade eggamuffins from the gas station the next morning.

5 thoughts on “Tops of Hills

  1. … thank goodness for those calm seas. You and Zoe probably didn’t have room for inflatable life vested stowed under your seats … and I’m sure Slash would be completely on his own in big water …


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