Curses Highway 95

Day –2 • February 28, 2012 • Stranded in Winnemucca

Reno, ha!  We barely made it into Nevada last night before encountering a couple of deer, the second one fatally (for him).  About 20 miles south of McDermitt, NV, around 7:00 in the evening in pitch black, driving the speed limit of 70 MPH which was, in retrospect, way too fast, a couple of white tails darted in front of us.  The first one was far enough in front that I had slowed to maybe 40 before hitting the second one.  The impact for us was fairly minor, no one hurt, but the truck was disabled with a massive oil leak and the bumper rubbing on the front tire.  We’ll know soon about the truck damage, it’s up on the repair shop lift now.  And the deer, well…

While waiting for the tow I walked the dog along the highway and watched a semi tag a deer the same way we did.  The only difference is I don’t think the semi ever stopped.

We had the good fortune of having Robbie dispatched to pick us up in an impressive 6-seater flatbed trailer.  He got us loaded quickly and then regaled us with tales of IMG_7660 (2)motocross and fiery crashes in the professional Outlaw Sprint racing circuit.  It made  an otherwise boring trip in the pitch black quite entertaining.  He plopped us at the doorstep of the Winnemucca Inn with visions of a warm meal and some gambling winnings to offset the cost of the tow and unexpected truck repairs.  I’m guessing Sammy, the dog, had visions of abandonment and the ground oddly tipping underneath him, as he was left in the back of the truck during the loading onto the flatbed and the tow into town.  We’ve had our concerns before but this surely cements some future sessions with the doggy psychiatrist.

I think the last time Lisa and I were southbound on highway 95 we were actually intending to stop at Winnemucca for a weekend of hang gliding off of Mount Winnemucca.  On that trip, Kevin’s truck died some distance out and we ended up towing him, very slowly, the rest of the way in.  This time it was our truck being towed.  But just think of the gas we saved.  If the third time is the charm, I’m not sure I want to travel on 95 again.  As I recall the hang gliding was pretty good, popping off some 50 milers or so, so maybe our luck is on the upswing this time as well.

Another sign that our luck may be changing:  Zoe won this prize, appropriately named Lucky, the second try on the claw arcade game.   A nice little indoctrination into gambling.IMG_7662

And so the adventure begins.  Killing time blogging and playing Blitz while we wait to hear the status of our truck.  We look forward to many more adventures in the coming weeks, with ample room for our luck to improve.

9 thoughts on “Curses Highway 95

  1. What a treat to meet Kurt and Zoe last night at the Davenport Roadhouse.
    So many sites to see and experience in our states. Love the scenic photos.
    Good luck to you both. I’ll be following you across the country! Sharon


    • Thanks Sharon. Same comment I made to Sherry– great show last night! To anyone listening these folks are worth checking out– folk / country / blues w/ excellent songwriting and covers, great harmonies and a mean pedal steel guitar.


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