Bon Voyage Zoe

Day –3 • February 27, 2012 • Beginning of the Start

The week between ending work and leaving for California to start the trip has been a blur.  By mid-week I’d added more items to the to-do list than I’d knocked off.  Between final purchases and packing, tweaks to the rig, meeting with Zoe’s teacher to go over the remote learning plan, household projects, girl scout cookie deliveries—preparing to be gone for nearly six months is a little more challenging than our typical “throw it in the car and go” trip.  But it’s all been fun, especially the socializing with friends and family.  On Saturday my mom flew out to join us on the drive to Fort Bragg, where we’ll spend a few days with my sister and her partner before we start pedaling.  And on Sunday Lisa hosted an awesome Bon Voyage Brunch for Zoe that included an appearance by Pedal Pedal, the human-powered smoothie factory piloted by Boise’s own Smoothie Queen Ella.





Given IMG_7656how far behind I’ve been this week, a 2:00 Monday departure seemed pretty good.  We’d arrive late but Reno still seemed like an achievable destination, even with a few remaining cookie deliveries.  So here’s the beginning of the trip to begin the ride.  Behind the tinted glass in this picture is gear, dog, luggage for four, and girl scout cookies packed to the ceiling of our Expedition. 

I posted the results of our final packing effort here.

1 thought on “Bon Voyage Zoe

  1. Lovely Ft Bragg beckons you….! We can’t wait to see you here!! The coast line is so gorgeous, you guys are going to have awesome scenery coming up!!

    Gretchen & Daniel


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