Class Presentation

Day –8 • February 22, 2012 • Presentation to Zoe’s 4th grade class

Today Zoe and I presented to both 4th grade classes at Sage. We talked through a small PowerPoint presentation about the trip and then everyone went outside to check out our rig. There were 30 some kids I’d guess. Thanks to the kids for being very attentive and asking many great questions. And thanks to Zoe’s teacher, Ms. Old, for giving us the opportunity to present and, more importantly, working with us to keep Zoe plugged in to the classroom while on the road.

I rode the fully loaded trike to Zoe’s classroom and when school was out we rode to our last guitar lesson before we leave on the trip. This turned out to be a good system test as it was raining hard through most of this. The guitar stayed dry but Zoe didn’t fare so well, need another iteration on the fender. Might need a bigger trash can lid. This was also a good lesson for Zoe on why we don’t ride in jeans.

Inexplicably I got no pictures of any of this, so now I’m testing a simple blog entry from my Windows phone while waiting for an oil change in our truck. The WordPress app works well but the publish button is easy to hit accidentally:).

Tomorrow is Zoe’s last day of in-classroom school for the year.

2 thoughts on “Class Presentation

  1. Alright! Zoe, your classmates must be amazed at your trans-continental adventure you are about to launch. Imagine the stories you’ll be telling them in the fall…!

    Your Northern California (or “NoCal”, as we locals say) weather update: clear all day today and tonight, a bit chilly but not bad. More of the same unusual but very welcome lovely late winter weather. Meanwhile, spring has begun and early flowers and fruit trees are in full glory. The first leg of your ride should be gorgeous.

    Can’t wait to see you all next week!!!!


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