Locks of Love

Day –20 • February 11, 2012 • Grooming for the road

It was time for our pre-trip grooming ritual.  Zoe’s hair was as long as I’d ever seen it and was becoming high maintenance.  Beautiful when cleaned and brushed regularly, left unchecked it deteriorated into ideal habitat for local wildlife.  Brushings were becoming high drama and not conducive to life on the road.  So this weekend we lopped it off.  To show solidarity with my child I lopped off my hairs too, all three of them. My suggestion that Zoe show solidarity with me by shaving her head was not dignified by a response. 

Not one to waste an opportunity, Zoe donates her excess hair to Locks of Love, an organization that turns cutting room refuse into wigs for kids with hair loss due to alopecia areata and such.  A pretty cool idea.  This is her second donation, my what a change from her hairless beginnings.

Picture 057











Nichole, Zoe’s hairdresser since about age 3 (yes Zoe has a hairdresser), IMG_7489did Z’s lopping.  Nichole is a one-woman beauty shop maven called SalonElan.  For me, I just handed Lisa the shears, took a shot of whiskey, and closed my eyes.  It doesn’t take a beautician or, really, any skill at all to deal with my three hairs.  Here’s a shot of Lisa in the midst of her creative process.  Following are the before and after shots.  Funny how the after shots always seem happier.IMG_7505


5 thoughts on “Locks of Love

  1. I like the looks of the hairless wonders. Should speed them down the road even faster…unless they decide to wear those weird helmets…as for me, I’m at the other end of the hair spectrum. Hoping there’s still something on top of my head when I look in the mirror in the morning. Kurt may remeber those fond days when he could clip it all off and get away with it.


  2. What a difference less hair makes! Kurt, you were looking a bit Christopher Lloyd-like on the before. And Zoe, well, definitely wildlife habitat potential there, and while I don’t usually advocate its removal, I must say Zoe looks smashing in a short cut. Let the squirrels live elsewhere!

    On the other hand, did you consider braids? Might hurt a bit, but I think they would become you Kurt.


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