Captain’s Log Supplemental

Day –58 • January 3, 2012

I love Zoe’s abstract depiction of our tandem trike contraption at the top of the page.  Stylish, colorful, and very cool.  She even gave my head the benefit of the doubt when it comes to hair which will be rewarded during the trip.  For those who need a little more realistic image to visualize what we’re pedaling, I offer these photos.  Next time we do a packing test I’ll add some pics that show what this looks like loaded.

Think of the first Star Trek movie where a good chunk of run time is devoted to captain and crew ogling the shiny new starship in dry dock prior to it’s next big mission.  That’s me, Cap’n Kurt, and this is my Enterprise.

To see this rig in action, check out the video here.








6 thoughts on “Captain’s Log Supplemental

    • They help keep Zoe’s fingers attached to her hands. At this point though I don’t think this is an issue, I’m viewing these wheel covers more as an artist’s canvas– a spin, drop on some flourescent paint, instant “spin art.” This would also address the cloaking which is opposite what we’re seeking in the visibility department and the psychedelic swirling might mesmerize motorists into doing our bidding. “Pass with three feet of clearance.” “It’s not safe to pass, wait patiently.” “Abandon your car and ride with us.” We’ll see if we have time for this project.


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