Day –88 • December 3, 2011 • BSU Stadium and back again • About 5 mi

I don’t know if it was the mediocre opponent, the recent loss, or the cold weather but tickets were available, cheap.  And the hype has reached all the way to my daughter—she really wanted to see a Boise State football game.  I have to admit I was kind of interested too; I think I saw my last live football game during my senior year at Kansas State, when we beat KU ticketsand my fellow students proceeded to march into Aggieville, the local bar district, and attempt to burn it to the ground.  Rioting in the streets, cars overturned.  It made national headlines in 1984, remember?   It was a proud moment for me and one that surely reassured my parents about their investment in my education.  They were with me at the game, witnessing the beginnings of the riot with a wistful tear in their eyes.  Good times.

So Zoe and I went to a Boise State football game, our first.  And we had fun!  Ate a ton of junk food, hunkered under a wool blanket to fend off frostbite, and glared at the fans yelling “put Kellen back in!”.  It was a bit of WP_000114 (2)a rout, guessing Coach wanted some quality time with next year’s QB.  But what do I know, in nearly 30 years I’ve only seen  two games and one riot.  Talk about casual fans.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with cycling across the continent, it’s just that Zoe and I rode to the game and ate really crappy food so we count it as “training.”  I’ll spare you our daily commutes to school/work but this stands out because it’s such a great way to see a game.  No traffic jams, just quietly slip onto the greenbelt and head home.  Gotta love Boise.

8 thoughts on “Football

  1. What a great website, Zoe! Thank you for sharing your experiences with us! We will all miss you when you are on your bike adventure!


  2. Coo-EL! If you gotta see a football game, get there by trike I always say. Except this is the first time I’ve said it. But you know…

    1984 Aggieville – yep I remember, was there in my first semester, witnessed the car thing with the woman screaming over her trashed VW bug (silly woman), goal posts carried aloft, etc. and thought, this is fun! Even during the teargassing. Obviously I didn’t get a full dose…

    That was probably my last live football game too. How can you top that, really?


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